Swedish Tooth Portfolio

Hi and wlecome to my Swedish Dividend Tooth Portfolio. It is not very common to own that many stocks as I do. But if you like me find this as a pleasent hobby then its not that hard to take care of you little dividend children. I like to read the end year reports carefully and mostly i only read the end year report of my stocks. My thoughts are: if you buy something you belive in the stock numbers are only numbers. You dont need to spend hours of searching for information and comparing. At the end stock price is what people set it to be. It dont always have to be right. For the long turn it dosent matter.

I have a lot of stocks and Iam certainly not able to monitor them so accurately one would like. Iam living in Sweden due to that Iam investing mostly in Swedish holdings. Main criteria is that I see long and bright future for the stock other important criteria is mentioned  in stock selection philosophy page. Finally Iam going to give you an exemple of my thiking when Iam checking out a stock. Lets say you want to buy a car stock. How would i choose? Well finally I could walk around the city i looking for cars in the streets, what brands are most common. I speak with taxi drivers i ask them what cars was the best they have driven. If i change my tires i will ask the mechanic what cars do you like to repair or what cars dont fail. I check the politics, the music television what cars come up. Every one could be a stock observer.


Stockholm - Sweden - Swedish Dividend Stocks

Stockholm – Sweden – Swedish Dividend Stocks





Utdelning/ år ( sek )

Income/year ( sek )
Utdelning Månad

Payout Month
VolatiIndustrial Conglomerates10050maj
ThuleAuto, Truck & Motorcycle Parts17100april, oktober
Swedish MatchTobacco10100maj
SecuritasBusiness Support Services1350maj
Scandi StandardFishing & Farming90162maj
Nordic WaterproofingConstruction Supplies, Fixtures1450april
NIBEElectrical Components, Equip.4850maj
NCCConstruction & Engineering15120april, november
MidsonaFood Processing80100maj
LagercrantzElectrical Components, Equip2550september
InwidoConstruction Supp., Fixtures28100maj
IndutradeIndustrial Machinery, Equip1450maj
CTTAerospace & Defense1850maj
CoorBusiness Support Services2850maj
BUFABIndustrial Machinery, Equip.2350maj
AutolivAuto, Truck, Parts18100september
AhlsellIndustrial Machinery, Equipment3150maj
AddtechIndustrial Machinery, Equip.1350september
Beijer AlmaIndustrial Machinery, Equipment1150mars
LifcoHolding Companies1350maj
TrelleborgSpecialty Chemicals1250maj
PEABConstruction & Engineering2290maj
NilörngruppenTextiles & Leather Goods25100maj
FireFlyCommunications & Network3650maj
CloettaFood Processing133100april
ÅFBusiness Support Services1050maj
Atrium LjungbergREIT & Develop. Operations23100mars
CastellumREIT & Develop. Operations40200mars, september
Catena FastigheterREIT & Develop. Operations24108april
Diös FastigheterREIT & Develop. Operations224650april, oktober
Heba FastigheterREIT & Develop. Operations56100maj
HemfosaREIT & Develop. Operations120580jan, apr, jul, okt
HufvudstadenREIT & Develop. Operations29100mars
KlövernREIT & Develop. Operations920405mars, juni, sept, dec
KungsledenREIT & Develop. Operations184405apr, juni, sep, dec
NP3 FastigheterREIT & Develop. Operations298804maj
PandoxREIT & Develop. Operations23100april
PlatzerREIT & Develop. Operations73110april
WallenstamREIT & Develop. Operations112200april, september
LatourHolding Companies45100maj
InvestorHolding Companies9108maj, november
KinnevikHolding Companies12100maj
SvolderHolding Companies61100november
Bure EquityHolding Companies66100maj
CredesHolding Companies12168april
IndustrivärdenHolding Companies18100maj
TeliaIntegrated Tele Services154140april, oktober
IntrumBusiness Support Services20180maj
BiotageMedical Equip, Distribution79maj
Karo PharmaBiotechnology & Medical Research545150maj
Bredband 2Integrated TeleServices151550mars
Knaust och AnderssonREIT & Develop. Operations2424840mar, jun, sep, dec
AxfoodFood Retail & Distribution1060mars
SkistarLeisure & Recreation1477april