About me

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”What i like about taking photo when I travel is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” Ella Rock – Sri Lanka


Hi! Welcome to my little corner of the web, let me introduce myself.
I am:

  • Swedish
  • In his young 30
  • Personal finance enthusiast
  • Dreaming of financial independence
  • Working full time as a Dentist

What you can expect from me and this blog is:

  • My portfolio and updates and most important dividends
  • Stock and strategy opinions and discussions
  • My journey to learn more about the world of finance
  • Dentistry, and cases or other dental problem people face

I am all up for friendly chatting and/or discussions about our mutual interest: Finance!
I would like to expand internationally and share and exchange useful, cool ideas with fellow Europeans and people from other parts of the world who are looking for financial independence.

Enjoy my blog and come say hi!