Total Net Worth

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What happend to my portfolio after I bought my dream car in 2017? Well look below to find out.

cls - Total Net Worth

My portfolio went to sleep like a bear in winter. For almost a year nothing happend no transfers of money. After enjoying the car with with nice European roadtrips I sold it and focused back on my portfolio. Looking back it was a good decision. Because later on I became a father and the car would not be appropriate for our family. Someday maybe in the future I would like to own a Benz again. Those cars a someting special and so expensive!

Total portfolio net worth in Swedish SEK 1 column represent 3 month 1 - Total Net Worth

This is my total net worth of all tooth portfolios combined. Its in Swedish crowns – SEK.

Last update: 2019-08-24

Total Portfolio Net worth every end of Month SEK  - Total Net Worth