Dividend Milestones

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I have some financial goals one of them is that i want to become financially independent before i hit my 50. I would like to get passive income from my tooth portfolio which will match up to a normal Swedish salary. The goal is very hard to reach, as it is needed around 10,000,000 SEK to earn a normal annual salary if we assume a 4% yield.

Other goals maybe more lighter are that I want to get passive income from which I can make travels with my family from time to time or enjoy more out of life. Making other people happy enriches your life.

What are my Financial goals with dividend stocks?

“To get rich, you have to be making money while you’re asleep.” – David Bailey




Recived dividends→500 SEK/year→completed in 2014

Recived dividends→1 000 SEK/year→completed in 2015

Recived dividends→2 000 SEK/year→completed in 2015

Recived dividends→4 000 SEK/year→completed in 2017

Recived dividends→8 000 SEK/year→completed in 2018

Recived dividends→15 000 SEK/year→completed in 2019

Recived dividends→ 20 000 SEK/year→pending

Recived dividends→25 000 SEK/year→pending

Recived dividends→30 000 SEK/year→pending

Recived dividends →35 000 SEK/year→ pending

Recived dividends→40 000SEK/year→pending

Recived dividends→45 000 SEK/year→pending

Recived dividends→50 000 SEK/year→pending

Recived dividends→60 000 SEK/year→pending

Recived dividends→ 70 000 SEK/year→pending

Recived dividends→80 000 SEK/year→pending

Recived dividends→90 000 SEK/year→pending

Recived dividends→100 000 SEK/year→pending


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