Dividend History

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Welcom to my page of Dividend History, I have been collecting payouts since 2013

Money growing with a plant on top

“Do you know the only thing that gives me pleasure? It’s to see my dividends coming in.”–John D. Rockefeller


The purpose of this page is to better keep track of my total dividend payout income every year.


It includes an estimate column of my  predicion for present year.


This is a Swedish dentist journey to financial independence.


I am going to update this page at least every end year or if a significant dividends are payed.


Right now, August 2018, I receive the equivalent of 16 sek a day in dividend income


Dividend Prediction and Outcome Swedish SEK 2 - Dividend History

Historical returns are no guarantee of future returns.
An investment in securities / funds can both increase and decrease in value and
it is not certain that you will return the invested capital.
The return may also increase or decrease due to changes in the exchange rate.