This is the top 100 biggest and most valuable companies in the world

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mammal 3218712 1920 - This is the top 100 biggest and most valuable companies in the world

Still nr one is Microsoft
building 1011876 1920 - This is the top 100 biggest and most valuable companies in the world

What do you think about the list below? Do you think the USA will always dominate?

First biggest ten companies.



                        Stock Country Marketcap in million EURO
Microsoft USA 851,5
Amazon USA 785,2
Apple USA 723,8
Alphabet USA 642,8
Facebook USA 383,1
Tencent China 355,4
Johnson & Johnson USA 312,9
JPMorgan Chase & Co. USA 308,8
Nestlé Schweiz 272,1
10 ExxonMobil USA 269
Wal-Mart Stores USA 262,3
Visa USA 252,1
BP UK 243,1
Procter & Gamble USA 231,9
MasterCard USA 228,2
Bank of America USA 227,2
Royal Dutch Shell A UK 225,9
Walt Disney USA 213,5
Pfizer USA 207,1
20 UnitedHealth Group USA 206,5
Samsung Electronics Co South Korea 202,7
Roche Switzerland 202,5
Verizon Communications USA 202
AT&T USA 200,5
Cisco USA 200,1
Chevron USA 194,9
Novartis Switzerland 194,2
Berkshire Hathaway B USA 193
Home Depot USA 188,5
30 Coca-Cola USA 188,3
Unilever N.V. Holland 184,8
Merck & Co. USA 183,2
Wells Fargo & Co USA 179,2
Intel USA 177,2
Boeing USA 172,7
LVMH France 171
Toyota Japan 170,8
China Construction Bank China 170,7
Comcast USA 166,9
40 PepsiCo USA 161,2
China Mobile China 160,5
Oracle USA 155,4
HSBC Holdings UK 148,4
McDonald’s USA 136
SAP Germany 135,7
L’Oréal France 135
Netflix USA 134,9
Citigroup USA 129,1
TOTAL France 123,9
50 AB InBev Actions au Port. Belgium 122,9
Abbott Laboratories USA 120,7
Adobe USA 118,8
PayPal Holdings USA 115,9
Medtronic USA 111,5
Philip Morris International USA 107,8
Honeywell International USA 107,4
Union Pacific Corp. USA 106,1 USA 105,4
Accenture Ireland 102
60 AIA Group China 101,9
AbbVie USA 101,9
IBM USA 101,2
Eli Lilly & Co. USA 101,1
United Technologies USA 97,9
Royal Bank of Canada Canada 96,8
Thermo Fisher Scientific USA 95,9
Costco Wholesale USA 94,7
SoftBank Japan 92,5
Amgen USA 91,4
70 Sanofi-Aventis France 90,7
Toronto-Dominion Bank, The Canada 89,7
Linde Ireland 89,5
Broadcom Singapore 89,5
Airbus Group (EADS) France 89,4
Diageo UK 89,3
Texas Instruments USA 87,9
Nike USA 87,1
AstraZeneca UK 86,5
Commonwealth Bank of Australia Australia 86,2
80 Siemens Germany 86,2
Naspers South Africa 86,2
American Express USA 86,1
GlaxoSmithKline UK 86,1
Lockheed Martin USA 86
Nextera Energy Australia 85,3
Danaher USA 84,9
Allianz Germany 84,4
American Tower USA 82,9
Starbucks USA 82,8
90 3M Co. USA 82,7
Altria USA 82,5
PUMA Germany 78,5
Novo Nordisk B Danemark 78,5
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Japan 77,8
Christian Dior France 77,5
Charter Communications USA 76,2
Industria de Diseño Textil Spain 75
General Electric USA 74
Royal Hawaiian Orchards USA 73,9
100Ping An Insurance China 73,8

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