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Work in Sweden or Scandinavia as a dentist.

Do you want to work in Sweden as a dentist?

Do you want to work in Sweden as a dentist?

First step into dentistry world:
For those Swedish dental student who graduate in the summer of 2019, it’s wise to be out in good time and start applying for a job. I started four months before the examamination but already some positions had been taken.

The near future for dentists in Sweden:
It is difficult to predict the labor market situation in the longer term because of access and demand for dentists are affected by a variety of factors from policy decisions regarding funding for the dental needs and retirement age, as well as the inflow of dentists from other countries.
But in the next five years there are going to be good work opportunities for the Swedish dental care staff. The swedish population is growing and because of big retirements there are too little dentist in the market at the moment. This is good both for salary and for us dentist who are living in Sweden. Of course in the bigger cities you will need some experience to get a good job and a big salary. Malmö, Stockholm, Umeå and Göteborg is always balanced when it comes to dentist density, partly because the dental schools are placed there. predicts that in 2023 the market for dentists will be balanced.



Swedish dentist forecast

Swedish dentist forecast


Where do you search for a dental job?

If you are dental student and almost a gradutated dentist there are some bigger dental companies who recruting studends in their final year – you should go and talk to them! Often the schools are organizing a day where the different companies and clinics can intruduce themselves and recruit students. Even the state dentalcare are puting some ads and trying to recurit some fresh dentist for their clinics who have difficult of recruting dental staff.

If you are a dentist from abroad you will probably not be recruited this way. You will need to search jobs another way. How? – contiune reading.

There are several places:
Arbetsfö (click here) – On the swedish website called “Arbetsförmedlingen” (job advertisement) there are about 100 jobs offers. They have a timeline of around 3 months. What happend if they dont find a dentist? Well they will just make another job offer again.
– Facebook – Another example where you could search for job could be in Facebook, for example the Swedish facebook group: “Vi som jobbar med tandvård” ( click here )which mean we who work in dentalcare. This group contain Dentist, dental assistents, dental hygienist, dental technician.
– Visit the clinic – You could also do it the classic way by going to a clinic you like and introducing yourself, make them know how you are and that you are searching for job. If you are lucky this move could get you the job! It happend to my friend who just went to a dental clinic introduced himself and 1 month later he was working there and still is after 4 years.

When is it best to send your application in?
In Sweden you can graduate in both summer and winter. For example Malmo University the dental division the graduation is always in summer and in Umea University, in the far north, it is in winter. This mean that the flow of dentist are constant. Not like in some other countries where everyone graduate in summer.
Therefore it can be smart to apply fore a job in autum or in spring!

A big or a small town?

In Sweden, the best job opportunity is in a small town or in far north. In the north you can get additional +10 000 kr per month if you have to work in 2 clinics, if the town is small or have a longer way to work. But its not something certain its just a goodwill of the higher management. Some person gets this extra cash and some not. Depends on how easy it is for the clinic to recruit dentist.

I would recommend to start in a smaller place. The patient are usually more greatful for the dentist that works there, there are less competition ( easier to find job) and you can learn the basic dentistry much faster such as more extractions and doing partial dentures.

So why dont I recommend big clinics?

If you want to gain experiance in a fast way. The most difficult cases will be given to one of the other colleagues with more expieriance of course. This mean you will get most children to work with, or emeregency cases most of the time. More dental checkup and fewer treatments. This is becasue the boss will want the most expierence to do a good job and not risking you make faliures in the start of the carrer.

In Sweden we have state dentistry and private dentistry. They are almost equal divided half of Swedish people go to State denstiry and other half to private. In state densitry there are more children up to age 23 and in private you have more adult. If you want a bigger salary you should later change and work in private. But if you want a good ground ofbasic dentistry with courses and more dental colleguaes to exchange cases you should start in state dentsitry. In state densitry there is also higher probibility that you will become a specialist if this is your dream. In the first 3 years you will also have an introduciton program and work relative calm and easy so you can get warm in you dental clothes.
Do more research:

Do you reaserch, get into contact with the receptionist and ask for guidance who you could talk to if the boss is difficult to reach. In Sweden there are usually second boss in clinic when the ordinary is not present. The second boss is called clinic coordinator.
The next step will be to read about clinics where you want to apply, check out their Facebook page, google and read patient feedbacks.
Maybe you will not get the information you want so if you manage the best would be to come in contact with a dentist who works there. So he could give you more information.
As a graduate dentist with no experiance, the best is to start where you can get help from fellow dental friends in the clinic. So you should avoid working alone in the clinic or avoid very big clinics. I will writte later why big clinic are not good as a beginger. The optimal clinic should have at least 3 or 4 experienced dentist.

How about the salary?
Dont focus to much on how the salary will be. In Sweden dentist with no experiance or dentist from oversea with little experiance will get almost same salary in whole Sweden.
In the state dentistry if you work in a small palce or in the far north where dental pracitioners are less you can get bigger bonuses. But remember the taxes in Sweden are high, the diffrance at the end is not so big as you think. So insted choose a clinic where you can develop, have fun and enjoy life. Money will eventually come.

Here is and post about how to find emergency dentist in Sweden. ( click here )

stay tunned for more articles in the future about Swedish Dentistry.

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