Where garbage lies there is money

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Plastic in water is dangerous for animals and for humans. Every year more and more plastic are thrown out in the sea and lakes.
Not long ago the big country China stoped the import of plastic. They want to first take care of their own plastic bottles and garbage problems.
China used to import almost half of the worlds plastic for recyckling.
This sudden but expected ban will force United States and some other countries to find new ways of dealing with the plastic trash.

Some researchers in the USA did calculate that this ban will leave around 110 million metric ton of plastic trash with no place to go.

The ban will force countries like the US to find new ways to deal with their own trash. Imagine half of the worlds plastic trash is now waiting with no place to be send to.
Before the ban. I was cheaper to just put all plastic on a big boat and send it to China to deal with it.

Plastic production - Where garbage lies there is money


Life in China is getting better and better. The goverment want to cut down on polution. They want be more enviroment friendly. This is why this ban is so important for them.

How do we fight this plastic soup in the ocean or lands? We have to start buying smart, do you really need a new plastic bottle of water you for instance could use you old plastic bottle and fill it with water? We need to make the companies think green and force them to make real changes for the better.

McDonalds for will change the use of plastic straw in the United Kingdom in 2019 after almost 500 000 people wanted this to be changed.
McDonalds have around 36 000 restaurants in the world. We need more demostrations to show that we want for the world to be better.
Next countries to change straw might be Us, France, Sweden and Norway this is being testest as i writte.

Plastic takes very long to decompose. Dont throw plastic in the waters. Some plastic can take up to 1000 year to decompose.

Some plastic takes 600 years before it decompose

Some plastic takes 1000 years before it decompose


More and more companies in the world are turning green. More ordinary and famous people are also starting to think green. Well maybe not Donald Trump who dosent belive in climate change. But that will not stop the rest of us to be more environment friendly.
So what are the companies that i like who fights directly with the garbage? I have a couple of companies. First of is my favorite the norwegian TOMRA.

was founded on an innovation in 1972 that began with the design, manufacturing and sale of reverse vending machines (RVMs) for automated collection of used beverage containers. Today TOMRA continues to innovate and provide cutting-edge solutions for optimal resource productivity within two main business areas: Collection Solutions (reverse vending and material recovery) and Sorting Solutions (food, recycling, and mining).


With an installed base of approximately 82,000 systems in over 60 markets, TOMRA Reverse Vending is the world’s leading provider of reverse vending solutions. Every year TOMRA facilitates the collection of more than 35 billion empty cans and bottles and provides retailers and other customers with an effective and efficient way of collecting, sorting and processing these containers.

TOMRA’s material recovery business includes the pick-up, transportation, and processing of used beverage containers in North America, as well as the subsequent brokerage of the processed material to recyclers. The revenue stream in this business area is derived from fees received from bottlers based on the volume of containers processed. Currently, TOMRA Material Recovery processes over 340,000 metric tons of containers annually.


TOMRA Sorting Solutions creates sensor-based technologies for sorting and process analysis within the recycling, mining, food and other industries. With more than 13,740 installations worldwide, TOMRA Sorting Solutions offers a unique range of complementary sorting technologies, the most extensive service base, and the widest geographic and market segment coverage in the industry.

TOMRA Food is the leading provider of optical sorting and processing technology for the fresh and processed food industry. With approximately 8,230 sorting installations globally, TOMRA Sorting’s food business is instrumental in optimizing the world’s food utilization, safety and quality.

TOMRA Recycling is a global leader in its field and has pioneered the automation of waste sorting. Its flexible sorting systems perform an extensive range of sorting tasks and are able to both prepare and sort various types of metals and waste for either material recycling or energy recovery. Currently TOMRA Sorting Recycling has an installed base of close to 5,370 units across more than 40 markets.

TOMRA Mining provides a complete product portfolio for efficient material separation in various minerals and ore applications such as processing of industrial minerals, diamonds and gemstone recovery, and metal recovery from slag etc. With approximately 140 installations worldwide, TOMRA Sorting’s mining business helps to extend the lifetime of mining operations, increasing the value of the deposit.

Altogether TOMRA has approximately 95,700 installations in over 80 markets worldwide and had total revenues of about 7.4 billion NOK in 2017. The TOMRA Group employs roughly 3,420 people globally, and is publicly listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. (OSE: TOM).

TOMRA4traders - Where garbage lies there is money

Tomra financials / 4traders

There are other cleaning companies that i like and they are presented here in a picture:

WasteMoney 1024x267 - Where garbage lies there is money

Waste / Garbage companies.

The Belgian Umicore is a leading battery recovery company, could be a nice holding for ever company when the world gets more electrified.
Stericycle are only into hospital garbage and they are specialized in recover and utilize hospital waste.
Microsofts Bill Gate and his wife Melinda Gates have a fund where they have a lot of stocks.
The fourth largest holding in their fund is the US largest waste mangement company Waste management. They own 18.6 million shares. It makes the fund the fourth largest shareholder.
What is your favorite cleaning stock? I have my favorites 😉

waste mang 4trader 1024x245 - Where garbage lies there is money

Waste Management financials. / 4traders



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