Top Dividend Blog Goals for 2019

December 27, 2018 2 By swedendivin
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Economy and Dividend Blog goals for 2019 Swedendivin

Economy and Dividend Blog goals for 2019 Swedendivin


  • Receive 15 000 SEK in dividends for year 2019
  • Have a combined Tooth Portfolio worth more than  500 000 SEK
  • Invest minimum of 70 000 SEK for year 2019
  • Receive minimum 500 SEK dividends per month all 2019


  • 300 followers – I have around 100 followers right now. I will be updating you with both Dentistry and Economy but also a little about my private life.   


  • 30 000 page views ( currently 12 000 )           
  • 20 Subscribers ( currently around 10 )
  • 1 post per week minimum        
  • Breakeven – coast vs earning for Swedendivin  

Personal Finance

  • Lower 50% of my stock debt ( currently 7%)     
  • Side hustle of more than 2000 SEK for year 2019 

Quality of Life Goals:

  • Lose 5  kg I am currently at 90 kg
  • Make 2 road trips outside Sweden.
  • Catch a nice fish in the sea and post the picture on the site.

Well thats about it. I wish you a Happy New Year. But now go out there and relax with your family and friends. Come back stronger than you where in 2018. Work hard for your money, play smart. I wish you all the very best in 2019

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Hint: Make a plan for 2019. Dont make it to hard to accomplish. Making new goals give the life a new meaning and this will make you more happy working towards the goal. Do you have goals set? Wanna share? See you around.


Historical returns are no guarantee of future returns.
An investment in securities / funds can both increase and decrease in value and
it is not certain that you will return the invested capital.
The return may also increase or decrease due to changes in the exchange rate.
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