Top 12 most popular cars sold in Scandinavia 2019 – Tesla surprises.

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Tesla is selling very weill in Norway


What happend when the stock market opened in the first new year?
The European car sector had a rough start today when the stock market opened first time in the new year. In Germany Frankfurt stock market, the big car manufacturers were down between 2 and 2.5 %. In Sweden, Stockholm  Autoliv backed 2.7 % since the investment bank Evercore lowered its recommendation for the share to underperform from previously in-line. Autoliv spin-off Veoneer fell even more and is down 5.9 %.

How are the car sales going in Sweden?
The car producers got a good start in 2018. Then a more strick measurement method for emissions and the new vehicle tax in Sweden made the selling of new cars to decline.
Car Sweden made summary and counted the car sold in Sweden under 2018, they count for 353,666 newly registered passenger cars.
Sales have only been higher two years earlier. But after July 1, when the new vehicle tax came into force, demand for new cars slowed in. The reason is that the so-called bonus-malus system punishes many popular petrol and diesel cars, while buyers of environmentally friendly alternatives receive bonuses. Government want people to change their focus from diesel and petrol to electric cars. Many took the opportunity to buy and register cars before 2018 July 1 to avoid the sharp increase in vehicle tax. Some cars with high emission can get as much as 3-4 times increase in tax. The consequence was greatly reduced registrations of both passenger cars and light trucks during the second half as Car Sweden organization reports.


What cars got sold the most in Sweden during 2018? Here is the list.

Volvo S/V90 24 346

Volkswagen Golf 17 093

Volvo S/V60 16 412

Volkswagen Passat 13 650

Volvo XC60 13 293

Volkswagen Tiguan 9 821

Volvo V40N 7 151

Nissan Qashqai 6 344

Volvo XC40 6 175

Fiat Ducato 5 938


What about the future of electric cars?
Electric Rechargeable cars are slowly increasing
The forecast for 2019 car sells in Sweden will continue to decline around 5-6% from previous year of 2018. Car Sweden organization made a Forecast that the Swedes will buy 335,000 cars this year. At the same time, the share of rechargeable vehicles is expected to increase to 13% of the sold cars in 2019. More car producers starts to make more car models that are rechargeable. With increased electric car fleet you can expect people to buy more of the electric one instead of petrol och diesel engine. The decline in cars sells could also a decline in the Swedish economy. In future we could expect bigger interest rates from the goverment and less money in the household.


What about the neighbour Norway?
Sweden the forcast for 2019 is 13% electric cars sold of all personal cars. In Norway electric cars accounted for almost one-third of new car sales during last year that is 2018! That is 30% in 2018,, according to data from the interest organization Opplysningsrådet for Road Traffic. In Norway sales of electric cars corresponded to 31.2 % of total sales, compared with 20.8 % in 2017 and only 5.5 % in 2013. The Norway  Road Traffic, want to be a fossil-free car sale in 2025. Norway offers large discount in connection with the purchase of electric cars.

What electric cars got sold the most in Norway?
Tesla X a clear winner and in second place came Nissan Leaf.

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Source: Car Sweden organization, The Norway  Road Traffic


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