Top 12 highest paid jobs in Sweden These Are The Best Paying Jobs in Sweden

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12 highest paid jobs in Sweden

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The average salary is a measure used to show the average salary of a group, for example everyone who has a certain occupation in Sweden. The average salary is the sum of all salaries in a certain occupation divided by the number of people in the group. The average wages, are pre-tax monthly salaries and with full time job. Only then can we have a more certain specific avarage salary per occupation.

Notice please that there is a big difference in average wages between different professions in Sweden. The average for senior managers in banking, finance and insurance is particularly high. It differs just over SEK 20,000 to brokers in finance (for example stock brokers) who on average earn SEK 109,600, and thus have the second highest average salary in the statistics.

The occupations with the highest average salary year 2020


  Median salary in SEK

Manager in banking, finance and insurance level 1

132 100

Real Estate Brokers

109 600

County Councils, Municipal Officers, Pilots

88 400

Directors, CEO

78 000

Specialist Doctors / some Specialist Dentist

77 100

Financial Officers,

75 200

Reaserch and development managers level 1

74 800

PR managers, Information and Communication

72 800

Manager in banking, Finance and Insurance, level 2

72 800

Air Conductor

The occupations with the lowest average salary year 2020

Home service personnel

20 200

Cafe personel

21 500

Other service personel

22 600


23 200

Restaurant and kitchen assistants

23 200

Croupiers, bettors

23 500

Market reaserchers, interviewers

23 600


23 600

Breeders of agricultural animals

23 600

Tour guides

23 700

Women have around  89 percent of men’s pay. Women, as a group, have lower wages than men. When comparing women’s and men’s wages for 2018, women earn an average of 89 percent of what men earn. The pay gap is thus around 11 percent.

Part of the pay gap is due to the fact that women and men have different occupations, work in different parts of the labor market or have different education. But there are statistical methods to take this into account and find out if women and men get different paid for the same job. In the statistics it is called standard weighting. After that calculation, the pay gap between women and men’s wages in the Swedish labor market is a total of 5 percent. There is no explanation for this difference in the statistics.

Least difference between the sexes among municipal employees

In wage statistics, we usually divide the labor market. First, we distinguish between the private and public sectors. The public sector, in turn, is divided into three groups by employers: state employers, employers in the county council and municipal employers.

We divide the private sector into officials and workers. If you generate women’s and men’s average wages in these parts of the labor market, you can see that male officials in the private sector and men working in the county council have the highest average wages, of more than SEK 40,000. At least women workers in the private sector earn an average salary of SEK 26,600.

Salary increases with the level of education

In general, the more you educate, the higher your salary. The group that has completed an undergraduate education that is shorter than nine years earns just over half as much as the group that has the highest education level, postgraduate education. An undergraduate educated earns an average of SEK 53,700, while people with shorter primary education earn an average of SEK 25,400. But even compared to people who have studied for a long time at the basic level at a college or university, researcher educations are well paid on average.

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