The Swedish Dentist – Dividend: April – 2019

May 21, 2019 2 By swedendivin
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My monthly dividend updates will appear around every end of a month.
Dividends will be presented in Swedish currency (SEK).
There will be a short explanation about some buy and sells of stocks and sometimes a picture or two.
Here is my 2018 november chart for my montly recived dividends.


diviApril - The Swedish Dentist - Dividend: April – 2019


I recived a total of 8470 SEK kr for April month.


Buyand Sell April - The Swedish Dentist - Dividend: April – 2019


Here is the list of the shares I bought and sold during 2019 April. A lot of small amout of buys and also some sells. I bought back Wirecard again, when it fell back. Now I am around 15% gain on Wirecard.

I made a big decision of selling my prefferd stocks, I wanted to have them as a fixed income. But I am thinking I can get the stocks at a better price in future. And also there are other stock that are more undervalued and with a better future to invest in. I recived a lot of dividends from Nordea Bank. It now have a yield of over 10%!

GARO is still going strong. The stock have risen to around 265 sek per share. I bouth them for around 150 and sold for around 170 if I remember right. I needed the money. And now I can see that if there is a stock you belive in you should not sell…

I managed to get over 8470 SEK in dividends, one of my goals is to recive minimum 500 SEK for all month of the year 2019 ( click me for goals 2019 ). In this month I transferred about 6900 Swedish kronor for stock purchase. Last month 5000 SEK went for stock purchase. An increase of 1900 SEK.

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What are you up to?

58734115 346931652838765 8087698661347164160 n - The Swedish Dentist - Dividend: April – 2019 If you have noticed I like to eat hamburger from time to time 😉
60579149 595086251013209 1382600378318585856 n - The Swedish Dentist - Dividend: April – 2019 Time to harvest. 60547999 2323738627902216 7623864518619168768 n - The Swedish Dentist - Dividend: April – 201960628364 612027572648093 7006940187930394624 n - The Swedish Dentist - Dividend: April – 2019 Can u guess the city?60008480 470763476798208 4628207091167789056 n - The Swedish Dentist - Dividend: April – 201961174266 415205199060020 7191061660633661440 n - The Swedish Dentist - Dividend: April – 2019



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