20 of the 30 largest German stocks are expected to raise their dividends in 2019.

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2rryln - 20 of the 30 largest German stocks are expected to raise their dividends in 2019.

Get ready and take your position:
If you want to get some German dividends it’s good to start positioning yourself. Because the payout is not far away. More than 80% of the 30 biggest German companies are probably raise their dividends. A total of 35 billion will be distributed in 2019. One of the biggest dividend payout is expecting to come from Daimler. Around 3.65 Euro per share or around 7.7% yield. This year Daimler is down around 35%. You have to remember that even if Daimler have this high yield its still risky. Daimler dividends are not stable. Some year they lowered the dividend and another year they didn’t bother to pay it.

What German sectors pay the big dividends?
Energy companies, insurance services, banks, real estate companies, telecommunications operators and vehicle producers are the main spearhead that are paying out high-dividend on the German stock exchange.

Why did the German Index DAX fall?
In 2018, the German index DAX collapsed by almost 20%. The investors fear the Chinese slowdown, they also had concerns about Brexit, future interest rate increase a weaker global economic and trade war. German shares are one of Europe’s most oversold. If you want to buy stock at a good bargain price the German stock market could be a nice place to do so.

What about German dividend paying car company:
One of the highest yield payout is expected from car manufacturers BMW, which is predicted to hand out around 4 euros per share. This corresponds to a yield of 5.5% today. In 2018, BMW sold 2.5 million vehicles. It’s a new record. Despite this, the share has fallen by just over 18% in one year. German biggest divided contributor is the car company named Daimler. The company expect to payout 3.8 billion euro to its stockholders. Total the german car manufacturers stands for  ¼ of all the german dividends in DAX.

The German also have a nice REIT company named Vonovia. They have recently bought up apartments in Sweden from the Swedish REIT company Victoria Park. Vonovia own over 400 000 apartments.

Other stocks that probably will increase their dividends with two digit number are Infineon, Wirecard and E.ON.

SAP Europe’s biggest tech company have raised their dividend around 10% for the last 5 years.

Reinsurance company Munich Re is the German stock that has increased or left the dividend unchanged for the longest time. For more than 35 years the company has never cut the dividends. You could expect the dividend to be around 9 euros giving it a yield of 4.8%.

The German DAX companies will distribute 35 billion euro this year. This is an increase of 11 %  compared to 2017. In total, for all German listed companies, the total dividend is expected to be of around 50 billion euro.

I have bought some German stock. Mostly buying in small portions, healthcare and some car companies. I belive Germany still is a top lider when it comes to making quality cars. What do you think?


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