Sweden election 2018

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Sweden election 2018 – my thoughts about it.


sweden election 2018

Sweden Election 2018



I’m going to tell you why I was late for work today, because it almost never happens. But yesterday I was up late, it was a very exciting evening, this because it was election.
In Sweden for the last week, the only thing people have done are watching TV and talking about the elections.

The far left and far-right groups have been steadily gathering strength in Sweden.

The current prime minister Stefan Löven who runs “Socialdemokraterna” has seen his party decline and getting weaker as migration crisis got more difficult to handle.

Sweden have been under heavy attack from Social media for example Facebook. A lot of fake news has tried to change the minds of the Swedish citizens for the benefit of right wings groups.
Indeed we have problems with integration but not as big as portrayed on sertain Facebook –or in foreign news agencys.

Because of this the far-right party “Sweden Democrats” has raised itself from a small party to become one of the biggest parties in Sweden in a very short time. The equivalent party in Danmark took around 20 years to become this big. The Sweden Democrates did it in around 10 years!

Yesterday I was up late watching the live news and waiting for the primary election results.
I knew that this election wasn’t going to be an easy one for our current prime minister.

In Sweden we can choose to vote from 8 bigger parties and they need over 4% of the votes to have an impact on the parliament. Then to get over 50% and rule over Sweden, the different parties join togheter and form a coalitantion goverment. Often we know before which parties wants to collaborate with whom. This year it is unbelivable close between the main two blocks, and the Sweden Democrats may be invited to one of the block so that they get over 50%.  No parties has in the past wanted to work with the Sweden Democrats, but we do not know how it will be in the future. Therefore this situation is one of a kind because non of the blocks has majority. It can take months before we know the outcome.

Primary voting results came in close to midnight, and the far-right got around 20%. To be honest I thought they would get at least 25%, some people even thought that they might get over 30%. They only got 17,6%. The reason the other parties do not want to collaborate with them is because they are considered to have a racial ideology.

The far-right party Sweden Democrats with Jimmy Åkesson as their leader, have sometimes extreme ideas about their vision of Sweden.
Some of their ideas are:
– They do not want their people to have double citizenship
– They do not want to be members of the European Union
– To have a complete stop of immigration to Sweden.
– Reduce the homosexual rights in sweden such as not allowing them to have a baby
– Reduce the abortion right from 18 weeks to 12 weeks
– Allowing midwifes to refuce to perform abortion

Many countries may have similar thoughts, but Sweden is a very open and forward country and the Sweden Democrats seems a bit old-fashioned to Sweden. The main reason to why people is voting on them is because they want to reduce the immigration or because “they want a change” as the US citizen who voted for Trum wanted. What do you think?

Voting is yet not finished they are still some votes to count especially from abroad, around 300 000 votes still to be counted. And only time can tell how the new Swedish Goverment will be formed.


Our vote leaflet and our cat- Sweden election 2018

Our vote leaflet and our cat- Sweden election 2018



There are too many small parties and too many people on the far extreme right and left side.
Today’s elections is a victory for the extremist on both sides.

Building a government is going to be very difficult for Sweden.

All of the parties claimed victory and everyone  without for left and of course social Democrats want the current prime minister Stefan Löven to step aside.

Here are the primary results:

Moderatern   19,8 %
Centerpartiet 8,6 %
Liberalerna 5,5 %
Kristdemokraterna 7,64 %
Socialdemokraterna  28,4 %
Vänsterpartiet 7,9 %
Miljöpartiet de gröna 4,3 %
Sverigedemokraterna 17,6 %

What parties are going to rule Sweden and what are your comments about the Swedish Elections?

Yours: Swedendivin

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