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December 5, 2018 0 By swedendivin
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Refugee? Welcome to Denmark!

Danish border sign - welcome to Denmark refugee

Danish border sign – welcome to Denmark refugee

Recently the Danish government have made a very strict and scary decision regarding the immigrants. The most violent and criminal refugees with a negative decision of getting temporary or permanent residence will be place on a small island before being deported to origin countries this is at least what some of the politics are saying.

They will be place on the uninhabited island of Lindholm in Stege Bay around 100 km south of Copenhagen. In the middel of the sea.
There will be some few guards and a boat ferry only working in the daylight to bring in supplies.

This decision was made because some refugees made many problems before being deported. Some of them disapeared some got violent.

Denmark lies between Sweden and Germany two countries who have been destination point for massive migrations in recent years.
Denmark have already before had harsh laws regarding the refugees.

In 2016 when people started to be more skeptic about mass immigration a new law saw light in Denmark which made people seeking refuge status in Denmark to leave some of their belonging like money or gold rings for the Danish government when they entered Denmark. This law came under big criticism even tho it was practiced on a small scale.

The law was to make Denmark more unattractive for refugees.

Later another law was made up against banning face coverings and it resulted very quickly for a 1000 kronor / around 140 USD fine for a woman in north Denmark.
Bild: welcome refuge
In Sweden the election of the new government is still unclear. But one is for sure. The right far will not be dominant… yet.
I don’t think we will see this kind laws in Sweden in near future. But you never know for sure.

What do you think is it right or wrong to put refugees on island before being deported?

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Source: bbc, DN

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