World Mega Trends the Wind Powers and its Stable Windy Future.

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If you belive in a cleaner and greener world and want to invest money countinue reading.

The electricity bill is getting higher for every month in most European countries. Does this sound familiar? We are turning away from fossil based energy and turning towards greener clean energy. This is a big mega trend in our world. The car producers are turing into electricity cars which mean we will need even more power in ours coutries. We need to change our way of getting energy, and the solution could be big wind parks, water energy and sun. 

So lets take a look at some green wind eneryg companies. Some are very big others are smaller.  

Because of this new mega trend of getting greener energy and the rising prices of electricity the wind power companies have been doing quite well on the stock market. This could be a winner sector for a long term investing.

The largest wind power company on the Swedish stock exchange is Eolus Wind with a market value of SEK 1.2 billion.

Eolus Wind is involved in building wind power plants. The company also provides operating and management services for the facilities. They also sells Wind Power to private owners.

In February, the Swedish economy newspaper Börsveckan put buy recommendation on the Eolus share. The magazine wrote that the company hade large orders inbound and the high demand for wind turbines in the coming years. In Sweden, wind power capacity is expected to double in the next four years!

Last year, the share is up to 46 %.

EOLUS VIND AB PUBL EOLU B - World Mega Trends the Wind Powers and its Stable Windy Future.




Another wind power company in the Swedish market is Arise, which, like Eolus, develops, builds and manages wind power on its own behalf and for external investors.

Arise’s share is up 50 % over the past year. The company value amounts to SEK 650 million. Like Eolus, Arise is greatly benefited by the increased activity in wind power construction in Sweden now and in the coming years. Most of both Arise and Eoulus Winds’s business was to design, build and sell wind farms.

Those who buy the wind farms are often large electricity producers such as Vattenfall and Finnish Fortum. Other large Nordic players with a lot of wind power are Danish Ørsted and Norwegian Equinor, which is Norway’s largest wind power producer.


FORTUM FORTUM - World Mega Trends the Wind Powers and its Stable Windy Future.


BROOKFIELD RENEWABLE PARTNERS LP BEP.UN  - World Mega Trends the Wind Powers and its Stable Windy Future.


In Denmark, just over 40 % of the energy comes from wind power. In Sweden its less then 5%  Ørsted is dominant in the Danish wind power operator market. The company is a world leader in offshore wind farms.

Last year, the Ørsted share has rushed 33 percent and the company is now valued at SEK 300 billion. In total, the company owns and operates 23 wind farms. The Danish state is the majority owner with just over 50 percent of the shares.

There are two more pure wind power shares on the European continent. One is Portuguese EDP Renovaveis and the other is Italian ERG.

EDP ​​Renovaveis is a global energy company that mainly deals with wind power. The company owns and operates several wind farms in Europe and in North and South America.

The share has risen 12 percent over the past 12 months. The company has a market value of SEK 78 billion.

EDP RENOVÁVEIS EDPR - World Mega Trends the Wind Powers and its Stable Windy Future.


ERG is the leading wind power operator in Italy. About half of the company’s produced electricity comes from wind power. The rest of the energy is produced through hydropower and natural gas.

The ERG share has risen 12 % last year. The company is valued at SEK 26 billion.

ERG S.P.A ERG - World Mega Trends the Wind Powers and its Stable Windy Future.


The good development for the wind power contractors and operators has now spilled over to the wind turbine and wind power producers. For example, the Danish world leader Vestas Wind System has risen nearly 30 percent in the past year.

Even stronger has been the case for German wind power system manufacturer Nordex. The Nordex share has risen by 44 percent in the past twelve months.

NORDEX SE NDX1 - World Mega Trends the Wind Powers and its Stable Windy Future.


North America has a couple of pure wind power shares. One of these is Pattern Energy. The company owns 20 wind farms that generate over 2,700 MW. The main part is produced in the US, but the company also has operations in Canada and in South America.

The company is valued at around SEK 20 billion. Last year, the share is up 18 percent.

PATTERN ENERGY GROUP INC PEGI - World Mega Trends the Wind Powers and its Stable Windy Future.


Florida based NextEra Energy owns and operates 17 wind farms. The company also has operations in the solar energy sector.

NEXTERA ENERGY PARTNERS LP NEP - World Mega Trends the Wind Powers and its Stable Windy Future.


Overall, China is the world’s largest producer of wind power. Of the world’s total production of wind power, China accounts for 30%. In Europe, Germany and Spain dominate in terms of capacity.

Most of Sweden’s electricity is produced as hydropower and nuclear power. Wind power currently accounts for just over 5 % of the electricity. However, the variation is large and depends on the weather.
The share of wind power will increase in the coming years.


Wind power has an advantage as a renewable energy source in relation to, for example, hydro/water power in a way that, although it will could be drier, it will always blow.

What do you think? Do you belive in this mega trends of greener energy? Feel free to comment.


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