My favorite portfolio sectors: build a balanced Portfolio with high yield and growth sectors

January 5, 2019 0 By swedendivin
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My Sectors

My Sectors


I have recently read a post of one of my favorite Swedish bloggers named Petrusko (click me ) about his different stock sectors. His post of which I am very glad that I read, made me put up my own research about what kind of sectors I have the most of and what stocks I should start to decrease or increase. I will be doing some changes to my portfolio after I saw my result after the research. My portfolio will for sure need some more balancing. I want to have the most weight on REITs and preferred stocks. They are to be my biggest piece of cake. I am also heavily invested in electrical companies. It’s because i think the future will be more environment friendly and green. To make this coctail of stocks more stable I am going to invest in holding companies. Holding companies objective is to downgrade the risk of my investements. My holding companies is like a fund it self. They are managed by good investors. And the only thing you need to do is to buy regular for a long time.

Preffered stocks or what I call them fixed income comes with a fixed rate of about 7%. And this bit of cake will give me regular cash. With regular cash I will have a better position of buying the stocks I already own and increasing my sharehold.

I have weighted Realty income corp. extra heavily in my portfolio since I categorize them as one of my favorite stocks. As the Swedish bloger Petrusko write on his post, If the interest rate grows the rent of the property will eventually increase making it a quite safe stock. Realty Income corp. Increase its dividend regularly sometimes more then once in a year.

I select my stocks carefully and I want to have a healthy balance of high yield and growth. Main objective is of course yield. But with growth and yield you can achieve greater value of you portfolio over time.

If you are intrested to se my currency allocation you can wiev it here ( click me)

At the time of writing, I have more then 100 stocks, I will be making some correction and I will be selling of stocks so I can go below the 100 mark.

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