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November 30, 2018 2 By swedendivin
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The monthly updates will appear in the end of every month and will be shown in Swedish currency SEK.
There will be a short explanation about some costs and sometimes a picture or two.

My Economy Donut for 2018.11

My Economy Donut for 2018.11

As you can se the dounat circle has change quite a lot. The bills are bigger. And the reason is because my other half is now on maternity leave and is not working at all. So i will have to pay all the bills.. almost. For example she have a bigger cellphone bill then I have. And now there is our little baby that need diapers and clothes.

The save percentage is 13.5% its looks like the worst save rate I ever had…Iam not happy with this result but that was expected. I was prepared for the worst.
But wait. I still have a secret package inbound. Its called temporary parental benefits.

In Sweden when your child is borned the non-pregnant parent can receive compensation for 10 days of leave in connection with the birth of the child. These days shall provide the opportunity to be at the delivery, get to know the child and take care of other children in the family.

Who can get the temporary parental benefits?

  • you are insured in Sweden. You usually are if you live or work here.
  • the child lives in Sweden or within the EU/EEA or Switzerland.

You can also receive compensation for 10 days if the pregnant parent is single and you are a close relative.
You receive approximately 80% of your salary. So iam expecting around 10 000 kr? I should have recived them around 25 november but was late to apply so maybe in couple of days the money will be transfered. Do you have parental benefits as a father in your country when the child gets borned?

This month I recived 935 kr in dividend payout.
No Income from side workthis month
This gives me an overall save percentage of  13.5% + 4% = 17.5% + Iam still waiting for my 10 000 kr!   ?

My Economy Donut for 2018.10 Swedish crown ( sek )
Private insurance 200
Electricity 600*
Internet 250*
Car loan 2300*
Car insurance 500*
Gasoline 1000*
Food home 2450*
Food outside 520*
Study Loan 2500*
Pleasure/travel/shopping 0
Mobile phone internet 500*
Rent 7200*
Gym 250*
Baby stuff 400*
Unexpected 500*bilbyte 500 tavlor,
Saved this month 3160
Side hustle 0
Dividend income 935*

The electricity bill is high due to that we have bathroom floor warm up all day or at least that is what i suspect 🙂 I now lowered the temperature of the bathroom floor.


Baby and Cat sleeping

Baby and Cat sleeping

parental benefits ;)

parental benefits 😉


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