I’m a dentist and this is my side hustle and you can do it to!

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Damn, I had a collection of old gold crowns and the nurse throwed it away. She thought It was just trash. So much money…


If you or your relatives have gold crowns you should read this post.

First off:

Can I sell my Gold Crowns?
Yes of course you can sell you crowns if they contain some amont of gold. But you have to remember there are different prices for the gold. Some gold are 14 carat other 18 carat or more. You need to remember about hidden fees when you try to sell gold. If you use the postal service there is the possibility you wont get so much money for it. Because of the envelope fee and the fee for controlling the real amount of gold.

Dentist usually sells their leftover of dental scrap and gold to a cash buyer or a person who from time to time comes to the office and buys whatever metal there is to buy. He usually get better deal then the person sending it to the jeweller or a company that buys these kind of scrap gold.  These people pays the dentist some couple of hundred dollars for the material but this material probably is worth way more then the dentist sells it for.

Why does the scrap buyer offer such a low price?
He is trying to guess the amount of gold based on his experience. To know exactly the amount you will need to take it to a laboratory and  extract the gold from the tooth and other materials.

Why do dentist use gold in dentistry?
Gold is still used as teeth fillings or partials crowns since it can withstand long lasting natural bite force. The fillings are almost immune to corrosion and can last as long as 15-30 years. Some people find the gold color to be better then the more darker amalgam.

What is my experience with selling gold?
I remember when I worked In a bigger dental clinic. We agreed that all gold teeths and gold scrap that the patient did not want to have where to be collected from. We were a total of 4 dentist and around 20 personnel. It is a medium size dental care in Sweden. At the end of the year we collected the gold together and gave it to the clinic coordinator who sold it to a company for extraction of gold. This gold was valued and the money was send back to us.

Can you guess how much money we receive from the scrap gold?
I don’t remember the exact number. But we bought 2 hotel nights went out for dinner 2 times a day and also everyone got opera tickets for one show. This was given to all of the 20 personnel. The good quality hotels are not cheap in Sweden.

Last time I sold gold scrap was some months ago I got around 90 USD for it.

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Iam currently waiting the call from the scrap buyer of the amout of money he will give me.

Today I sold gold scrap again. I Am currently awaiting the call from the jeweller about the buying price.

I have some other side hustles. But I will be presenting them later on in the blog.

Stay tuned.

Do you have a side hustle?

In case you missed the last post related to gold


Hint: If you have gold tooth. Ask the dentist to wrap it up for you. Because either he will throw it away or sell it. Usually the dentist always inform you if he see there is gold in the crown or tooth, so you don’t have to be scared he wont.

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