How many dentist are there in Sweden? Best country to work as a Dentist is Sweden?

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Work in Sweden or Scandinavia as a dentist.

dentist 748153 1920 - How many dentist are there in Sweden? Best country to work as a Dentist is Sweden?

The total overall dentist working in Sweden is around 8000.

1997 there was 7289 dentist and 745 specialist
1998 there was 7281 dentist and 757 specialist
1999 there was 7315 dentist and 759 specialist
2000 there was 7233 dentist and 752 specialist
2001 there was 7236 dentist and 755 specialist
2002 there was 7313 dentist and 745 specialist
2003 there was 7306 dentist and 784 specialist
2004 there was 7450 dentist and 792 specialist
2005 there was 7442 dentist and 821 specialist
2006 there was 7554 dentist and 820 specialist
2007 there was 7476 dentist and 843 specialist
2008 there was 7468 dentist and 852 specialist
2009 there was 7543 dentist and 833 specialist
2010 there was 7655 dentist and 838 specialist
2011 there was 7546 dentist and 859 specialist
2012 there was 7699 dentist and 891 specialist

Distribution of gender:

46% of men and 54% woman are working as general dentist
And around 55% men and 45% woman as specialist dentists

Distribution of age general dentistry:

35 years and below: around 18%
35-44 years: 18%
45-54 years : 22%
55 years and over: 43%

Distribution of age specialist dentistry:

35 years and below: around 2%
35-44 years: 22%
45-54 years : 24%
55 years and over: 53%


Educated in Sweden 6911
Educated in EU 299
Educated outside EU 489

Distribution by work:

State dentistry: 3701
Private dentistry: 1447
Dentist that are teachers: 204
Passive: 883

Other dental profesions compared to dentist:

Dentist 7699
Dental hygienist: 3989
Dental assistant: 12000
Dental technician: 1500

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