The Swedish Dentist – Economy: September– 2019 – I took a bigggg loan!

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Total Expenses 28330 SEK - The Swedish Dentist - Economy: September– 2019 - I took a bigggg loan!


The monthly updates will appear in the end of every month and will be shown in Swedish currency SEK.
There will be a short explanation about some costs and sometimes a picture or two.

Swedish Crown SEK Income Total 40620 - The Swedish Dentist - Economy: September– 2019 - I took a bigggg loan!




Our Economy Donut for 2019.02 – Expenses
Swedish Crown ( SEK )
Private Insurance 80
Electricity 380
Internet home 0
Car loan 2300
Car insurance 310
Gasoline 1580
Food home 3000
Food outside 1700
Study loan 2500
Pleasures/ travel / shopping 2110
Mobile phone internet 420
Rent 9000
Gym 500
Baby stuff 1250
Unexpected 3200

The save percentage this month is around 30% / 12290 SEK last month it was around 11%. I have transferred 4000 SEK  last month it was 1000 SEK. Under september month happend a lot of things. Both in stock world and in private. I stock world.. now dont get scared.. but i didnt manage to reduce my debt. Insted it rose from 30 000 SEK to whooping 120 000 SEK. I have no comments on this. My goals was to be debt free byt the end of the year. I will not manage to do this goal. I bought some Swedish REIT that is high dividend paying. Iam taking a risk. Why? Let me explain how Iam thinking. The interest rates are negativ in Sweden. And will be so on a longer period. It the rates only goes up 1% that would mean that 1/5 of the house owners in Sweden would be in danger economic. That is unlikly that the goverment will increse the rates so high, thus making it very profitable to be a REIT in Sweden. When interest are minus the REIT earn more. I have lean money from the bank, to invest in REIT with hight dividend, and the rent for the money is at 1.75%. With higher dividend then the money rent i leand Iam thinking of making profits every month. I could be good in a long run, but it the system collaps or there will be some house market crash i could be in trubble. Then I will have to mostly reduce debt by all means, and not be able to save anything. Well thats enought about debt. Lets talk about the stock I bouth or sold. September month did see a lot of sell and buying. I sold Swedish candy stock. Reason? Is that when I bought my candy on friday I usually didnt see the stock in my candybag. Another reason is the tax on sweet that may be proposed by the goverment. The candy stock Cloetta is a good defensvie stock for tought times on the stockmarket. It has a hight dividend and people in Sweden are always going to eat candy, its a dark in winter and candy makes you happy. Also in Sweden we have someting called Saturday candy day.
What happend to my stock QuickBit. Well it went Quick up and i sold it with a profit of 500 dollars. If it goes down I will buy it again.
I also sold NCC, a big Swedish building entreprenour. Reason? The big refugee wave is over for this time.. and there is no homless in Sweden as far as I read on the news. So somehow that all got houses to live in. So thats why I sold it. I thought that would be building a lot but it seems that it didint make suck a big impact in Sweden. Maybe there where already a lot of empty houses? Also they did cut their dividend last year, and that made them unstable, and not suited for my portfolio.
One funny thing that happend to me was when i bought Canadian Dream Global REIT, after just owning them for 1 Day.. BAAM bought out from the stock +18%.
I sold all my Canadian Banks I needed to reduce my Bank sector in my portfolio.
I am not a trader. But i did try my luck with a Swedish REIT. And this month I made 300 USD. It nothing I want to continue doing. I just saw a nice drop and dubble formations and bought a chunk, when I got positive direction on the stock I bought more with a stop loss.
We have also been in Poland for vacation. Visiting close friends, and relatives. I will make a blogpost about the trip. The trip I made to Italy is almost finish and ready to post but I need to see all pictures and choose the couple of the best
Here you can se my goals when it comes to my mortgage ( click here for mortage goals )

I got some dividends this month. Around 620 SEK. Not much but always something. My strongest dividend month is always going to be April because the Swedish companies pay mostly around this month although Nordea the Scandinavian Bank is probably going to cut its dividend and that means my April strong dividend month is going to be affected negative.

Every stock I buy I update the same day my sectors so you can have it freshly updated.

( click here for sector allocation page)

Blog visitors this month was low, I have not so much time for writting my thoughts and this I think is the main reason. But as long I find this joyful I will writte and hope you like my thinking and writting.


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Some photos of the previous month:

Stena Line with electric engines, thats something!

71214674 388712882051469 2384784959085740032 n - The Swedish Dentist - Economy: September– 2019 - I took a bigggg loan!It was a big ship. We parked our car at Deck 5. I think there are 9 Decks. The nr 8 and 9 are with Trains… can u imagine, train on a boat?
69808619 2406529716248044 8497790032919134208 n - The Swedish Dentist - Economy: September– 2019 - I took a bigggg loan!

On the boat and on our way to Poland. The country in middle of Europe.
70649795 501867267280619 6524162671036596224 n - The Swedish Dentist - Economy: September– 2019 - I took a bigggg loan!Somewhere in Poland, just before the heavy rain fall. Poland is a beutiful country. Clean and still quite cheap.
70751971 449293342337239 6429040733251960832 n - The Swedish Dentist - Economy: September– 2019 - I took a bigggg loan!






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