The Swedish Dentist – Economy: July – 2019

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Total Expenses 21130SEK - The Swedish Dentist - Economy: July – 2019


The monthly updates will appear in the end of every month and will be shown in Swedish currency SEK.
There will be a short explanation about some costs and sometimes a picture or two.

Swedish Crown SEK Income Total 51087 - The Swedish Dentist - Economy: July – 2019




Our Economy Donut for 2019.02 – Expenses
Swedish Crown ( SEK )
Private Insurance 81
Electricity 433
Internet home 176
Car loan 2300
Car insurance 460
Gasoline 500
Food home 4300
Food outside 600
Study loan 2500
Pleasures/ travel / shopping 0
Mobile phone internet 500
Rent 9000
Gym 350
Baby stuff 0
Unexpected 4630

The save percentage this month is around 58% last month it was around 30%. I have transferred around 14000 SEK reduce my debt and to buy stocks. Now I have around 30000 kr debt. I had 21000 in debt last month. Debt have increased I still have some 5 month to reduce it to zero as it is one of my goals for year 2019. I bought a new stock Stora Enso R that produce wood based materials and have a large forrest under them. Though I didnt have any money to buy it I borrowed and when I got my salary i reduced my debt. But still its not enough. Now the debt has incresed.  Here you can se my goals when it comes to my mortgage ( click here for mortage goals )

I got some dividends this month. Around 820 SEK. My strongest dividend month is always going to be April because the Swedish companies pay mostly around this month.

Every stock I buy I update the same day my sectors so you can have it freshly updated.

( click here for sector allocation page)

Blog visitors are stable and slightly increasing. But I noticed that google dont pay you that much for visitors, like that did last month. Strange. Well this is not my priority I want to have this page as my personal little diary for my FIRE path. I think I will be nice to take a coffe when Iam older and just take a look at my past. Its now super hot in Sweden. Right now when I am about to post this post its 22:20 time and its 26 celcius degrees. I far north Sweden its even warmer!.

I managed to lose half kilo this month. Its getting harder to lose weight in this hot weather Its not like you want go to the gym..

We managed to hold down the expenses and I am very impresed. We went below 22 000 SEK last month it was 26 000!


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Some photos of the previous month

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Coffe time somewhere out in the country

67196137 2380234378882597 5354154532395810816 n - The Swedish Dentist - Economy: July – 2019

Dinning room.
67194468 894242307622970 7474206645183053824 n - The Swedish Dentist - Economy: July – 2019

67303472 348306329181919 7621141827181084672 n - The Swedish Dentist - Economy: July – 2019



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