The Swedish Dentist – Economy: Mars – 2019

April 2, 2019 0 By swedendivin
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The monthly updates will appear in the end of every month and will be shown in Swedish currency SEK.
There will be a short explanation about some costs and sometimes a picture or two.

Total Expenses 23896 SEK - The Swedish Dentist - Economy: Mars – 2019


Swedish Crown SEK Income Total 36555 - The Swedish Dentist - Economy: Mars – 2019

Our Economy Donut for 2019.02 – Expenses
Swedish Crown ( SEK )
Private Insurance 590
Electricity 462
Internet home 164
Car loan 2300
Car insurance 500
Gasoline 1000
Food home 4300
Food outside 1130
Study loan 2500
Pleasures/ travel / shopping 0
Mobile phone internet 580
Rent 9000
Gym 250
Baby stuff 0
Unexpected 1120

The save percentage this month is around 34% last month it was around 33%. I have transferad around 5000 SEK to for stock purchase. I have zero debt and that I am glad for. Here you can se my goals when it comes to my mortage ( click here for mortage goals )

The stock market is slowing down, but overall its still fighing its way up. I have enter april and thats is going to be my strongest dividend month. Mainly because Swedish companies like to pay out in april. I am waiting for Nordea Bank dividend to fall in. Its going to be really heavy 😉

Every stock I buy I update the same day my sectors so you can have it freshly updated.
( click here for sector allocation page) 

Blog visitors are still stable, the blog renevue increased 50% since last month. Thanks you all visitors for comments and for following me on twitter.

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Some photos of the month

We hade som guest over from Poland. They tried our famous Swedish Kebab pizza with pommes frites. One of these monster pizza is enought for a whole day of calory intake!

55473412 2114009798889856 9195674505727442944 n - The Swedish Dentist - Economy: Mars – 2019

After our guest left it was back to eating healthy food 🙂
55455365 274436830141736 1490741362704777216 n - The Swedish Dentist - Economy: Mars – 2019

Our cat starting to get comfortable with our little baby. He guards her when she sleeps.

55811471 316399449078599 1446216656517857280 n - The Swedish Dentist - Economy: Mars – 2019

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