The Swedish Dentist – Economy: April – 2019

April 24, 2019 0 By swedendivin
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The monthly updates will appear in the end of every month and will be shown in Swedish currency SEK.
There will be a short explanation about some costs and sometimes a picture or two.

Total Expenses 24020 SEK - The Swedish Dentist - Economy: April – 2019


Swedish Crown SEK Income Total 44500 - The Swedish Dentist - Economy: April – 2019

Our Economy Donut for 2019.02 – Expenses
Swedish Crown ( SEK )
Private Insurance 610
Electricity 500
Internet home 164
Car loan 2300
Car insurance 500
Gasoline 1000
Food home 3800
Food outside 85
Study loan 2500
Pleasures/ travel / shopping 0
Mobile phone internet 5000
Rent 9000
Gym 250
Baby stuff 0
Unexpected 3190

The save percentage this month is around 46% last month it was around 34%. I have transferad around 2000 SEK to for stock purchase. I have around 25 000 debt, there was a stock I wanted to buy at a good price. I will writte about i later. I will need to be debt free at the end od 2019 as this is one of my goals set. Here you can se my goals when it comes to my mortage ( click here for mortage goals )

I got a lot of dividends this month. This is going to be my strongest month of all the year 2019.

Every stock I buy I update the same day my sectors so you can have it freshly updated.
( click here for sector allocation page) 

Blog visitors are declining this month. I was not so active I have to admit. When you have a small child there is not always enought tie for everything. When I find some time off I will writte an article or two.

This month Iam taking in our car for an big cleanup before the summer. Car is freedom but I dont like expenses from cars they are always so big.

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Some photos of the month

This is my own planted chives / gräslök on Swedish, I use them with eggs in the morning 🙂

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We where at my parents house on Easter Holiday.
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