The Swedish Dentist – Economy: Februari – 2019

February 26, 2019 0 By swedendivin
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The monthly updates will appear in the end of every month and will be shown in Swedish currency SEK.
There will be a short explanation about some costs and sometimes a picture or two.

Total Expenses 24033 SEK - The Swedish Dentist - Economy: Februari – 2019


Swedish Crown SEK Income Total 36043 - The Swedish Dentist - Economy: Februari – 2019

Our Economy Donut for 2019.02 – Expenses
Swedish Crown ( SEK )
Private Insurance 250
Electricity 559
Internet home 164
Car loan 2300
Car insurance 500
Gasoline 600
Food home 4650
Food outside 580
Study loan 2500
Pleasures/ travel / shopping 0
Mobile phone internet 500
Rent 9000
Gym 250
Baby stuff 0
Unexpected 2180

The save percentage this month is around 33% last month it was around 41%. ( click here for 2019 january economy ) I have transferad around 4393 SEK to for stock purchase and for my debt. Here you can se my goals when it comes to my mortage ( click here for mortage goals ) One big goal for 2019 is achieved I have payed all my debt I had.

The stock market is still running like a bullet train. Swedish stock market is hot. Wounder when it all is going to start cool down?

I have made som new changes when it comes to my sector stock allocation, I want it to be even more balanced when it comes to currency and sectors. Every stock I buy I update the same day my sectors so you can have it freshly updated.
( click here for sector allocation page) 

Electricity bill is lower this month, we live in a big apartment thats why the rent is high. But the view and quality is really nice.

Blog visitors are now stable, the blog renevue increased and now I can proudly say that the site generates income bigger then the cost for running it.

Some photos of the month

Here is in the middel of nowhere, Iam walking 35 km this day. I did it after around 8h of walking.

52987319 326705991286825 7324079099893252096 n - The Swedish Dentist - Economy: Februari – 2019

The cat like to sit with us and eat from the table. Strange human cat
52599314 653644668384799 8776011455938953216 n - The Swedish Dentist - Economy: Februari – 2019

One of my favorite dishes, tuna with egg, I would like to eat more healthy. Do you eat healthy?

52842331 251494479060756 648169912824496128 n - The Swedish Dentist - Economy: Februari – 2019

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Hope to write soon again
Yours Swedendivin

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