The Swedish Dentist – Economy: August – 2019

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Total Expenses 32616 SEK - The Swedish Dentist - Economy: August – 2019


The monthly updates will appear in the end of every month and will be shown in Swedish currency SEK.
There will be a short explanation about some costs and sometimes a picture or two.

Swedish Crown SEK Income Total 36863 - The Swedish Dentist - Economy: August – 2019




Our Economy Donut for 2019.02 – Expenses
Swedish Crown ( SEK )
Private Insurance 81
Electricity 525
Internet home 0
Car loan 2300
Car insurance 310
Gasoline 1000
Food home 3800
Food outside 1300
Study loan 2500
Pleasures/ travel / shopping 4000
Mobile phone internet 500
Rent 9000
Gym 500
Baby stuff 3500
Unexpected 3300

The save percentage this month is around 11% last month it was around 58%. I have transferred 1000 SEK to only reduce my debt. I still have around 30000 kr debt. I bought a new stock its called QuickBit it have only been on the stockmarket for couple of months. Its still a high risk stock but I feel the reward is very big towards the risk. So I bought some shares and lets see how it goes. Next big report is in November 22 where they will post their 3rd quater report. I still have not lowered my debt to a small sum. Its getting annoying I know. And this month is record low on how much money I could save. Main resons are saving money for next trip. And baby stuff that had to be bought. Its expensive to have a child especialy for exemple safety babychair for cars, we want the best so you will need to pay a little more. We bought Britax Max way plus. The expenses and also me only working around 75% and my second half nothing equals that on this month we where only able to save 10% of the salary. Here you can se my goals when it comes to my mortgage ( click here for mortage goals )

I got some dividends this month. Around 604 SEK. Not much but always something. My strongest dividend month is always going to be April because the Swedish companies pay mostly around this month although Nordea the Scandinavian Bank is probably going to cut its dividend and that means my April strong dividend month is going to be affected.

Every stock I buy I update the same day my sectors so you can have it freshly updated.

( click here for sector allocation page)

Blog visitors this month strong, record visitors and record income for Swedendivin.



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Some photos of the previous month:

German made tank, Leopard A6 in the Swedish Army

69139977 473347103396433 6042252265090187264 n - The Swedish Dentist - Economy: August – 2019On our way to watch Gripen figher jet in the sky. On the big AirShow in southern Sweden.
69235153 1560409117428598 5912877864335704064 n 1 - The Swedish Dentist - Economy: August – 2019

We have been watching this painting for a long time. And decided to by it. I think it fits nicely in the kitchen.
69513251 682170898917630 3634162946600337408 n - The Swedish Dentist - Economy: August – 2019

One of my favorite food. Mash potatoe with norwegian Salmon and carrots/green been. :=)69339340 1321418521353703 4567477361703911424 n - The Swedish Dentist - Economy: August – 2019





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