The Swedish Dentist – Dividend: June – 2019

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My monthly dividend updates will appear around every end of a month.
Dividends will be presented in Swedish currency (SEK).
There will be a short explanation about some buy and sells of stocks and sometimes a picture or two.
Here is my 2018 november chart for my montly recived dividends.


divijune - The Swedish Dentist - Dividend: June – 2019


I recived a total of 1015 SEK kr for June month.

Below is a list of my buy and sell operations for June month.


buyselljune - The Swedish Dentist - Dividend: June – 2019


This month as of previous I am buying Nordea. I really hope this is the bottom. It could of course drop more. It could drop on a bad report and it could drop when Finish Sampo will distribute Nordea stock to its shareholders. But Iam going to stick longterm with Nordea so hopefully the dividend will be good and people will still need to borrow money to buy houses.

Abbvie dropped on the news when it announced a deal to pay over 63 billion dollars for Allergan Plc who makes Botox. I bought more shares as it dropped.

I managed to get over 1015 SEK in dividends, one of my goals is to recive minimum 500 SEK for all month of the year 2019 ( click me for goals 2019 ). In this month I transferred about 1000 Swedish kronor for stock purchase. Last month 8000 SEK went for stock purchase. An decrease of 7000 SEK. Main reason for only transferring 1000 sek is my roadtrip to Italy I made.

Clickable previous dividends outcome:


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In the evening temperatures are hight but…

65386765 347075532650135 1579385102532608000 n - The Swedish Dentist - Dividend: June – 2019

We have a magical box. 😉65707784 2456962987696168 1507536742121472000 n - The Swedish Dentist - Dividend: June – 2019
A day off in the middel of the week.  Month June with over 30 degrees and Not so many people in the morning 😉
65097928 645036176014927 5675725034564354048 n - The Swedish Dentist - Dividend: June – 2019



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