The Swedish Dentist – Dividend: August – 2019

August 30, 2019 4 By swedendivin
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My monthly dividend updates will appear around every end of a month.
Dividends will be presented in Swedish currency (SEK).
There will be a short explanation about some buy and sells of stocks and sometimes a picture or two.
Here is my 2019 August chart for my montly recived dividends.


divi08 - The Swedish Dentist - Dividend: August – 2019


I recived a total of 879 SEK kr for July month.

Below is a list of my buy and sell operations for July month.


köp08 - The Swedish Dentist - Dividend: August – 2019


This month I made some changes, I sold off a little of NCC to lower my debt, I sold it on 13% plus. I also totally sold Fielmann and Kobenhavns Lifthavne. The motivation is that even though Fielmann could raise, I still think that I can have better options to allocate the money. And Kopenhavns airport the dividend are to small. I have better options where you can get both growth and higher dividends. I bought Kobehavns stock in the begining to be an defensive stock. Green Landscaping is also sold out. Motivation to this is that the state owns most of the green parks, and thay will never pay a hight price for maintnance if the money is low. I dont think that if an city is low on money that the parks will be an priority. One new stock I bought is QuickBit, they you Blockchain technology for E-coustumers, the risk is big but reward even greater than usually on new stocks that arrive on stockmarket. They are the first company that buy crypto and is regulated by a state. Their renevue is very big for beeing just a company 3 years old. I am not a fan of bitcoin but I think even countries will soon intruduce their own internet money. China could be one of the first country to do so. Because with e-money you can control the peoples spending even more. I know I have a lot of stock but if one does not fit my criteria I am selling it out. Remember dont fall in love with specifik shares. This could turn out bad for out.

I managed to get 604 SEK in dividends, one of my goals is to recive minimum 500 SEK for all month of the year 2019 ( click me for goals 2019 ). In this month I transferred about 1000 Swedish kronor for stock purchase. Last month 14000 SEK went for stock purchase. An decrease of 13000 SEK. This was a very bad month .

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Some picture of last month:

Baby trying to open the window, and mr Bosse is watching if she manage to do it.
69203671 646502735848241 1709261005143408640 n - The Swedish Dentist - Dividend: August – 2019
Some minor construction at home. Was putting up the curtain and rollers for make the room darker.

69577322 882654622118914 7856509823163039744 n - The Swedish Dentist - Dividend: August – 2019

Do you see the big caries on the first molar? It was the biggest fillning I made for this year. Hopefully the tooth will make it. If not.. maybe Endo treatment or extraction..
69722431 2475253742538389 1565290072134123520 n - The Swedish Dentist - Dividend: August – 2019

We had some guest, vegetarian guest so we made vegetarian pizza 😉 came out tasty.69355091 897626947263465 6121547089475272704 n - The Swedish Dentist - Dividend: August – 2019



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