The Swedish Dentist – Dividend: March – 2019

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My monthly dividend updates will appear around every end of a month.
Dividends will be presented in Swedish currency (SEK).
There will be a short explanation about some buy and sells of stocks and sometimes a picture or two.
Here is my 2018 november chart for my montly recived dividends.


utdelning201903 - The Swedish Dentist - Dividend: March – 2019


I recived a total of 1730 SEK kr for March month.


201903buysell1 - The Swedish Dentist - Dividend: March – 2019


Here is the list of the shares I bought and sold during 2019 March. As you can see there was a record of buy and sell operation this month. I bought 36 stock of Wirecard, I was going to be on a long position when just after a pair of weeks they skyrocket 26% so I made the decision to sell them of. 26% win profit.

Getting this much profit in just a matter of weeks made my want to try my luck in a Swingtrade of the company Clas Ohlson. I got in position and sold the same day with a small profit of 500 sek. It nothing I would recommend its risky and not my style of investing.

Last month I sold of all my Garo stocks, with a good profit. I have Garo not directly but I own them thru an investmen fund named Svolder. The stock are still moving upwards, mainly on the news that Sweden want to be petrol and diesel free country in 10/12 years.

I managed to get over 1730 SEK in dividends, one of my goals is to recive minimum 500 SEK for all month of the year 2019 ( click me for goals 2019 ). In this month I transferred about 5000 Swedish kronor for stock purchase. Last month 6455 SEK went for stock purchase. An decrease of 1455 SEK.


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Still trying to be healthy 🙂 Falafel for dinner.

56191404 2234574583293974 963706939424899072 n - The Swedish Dentist - Dividend: March – 2019
Visiting great grandfather. Who lives near the sea with a beutiful view. We dont visit him to often he lives far away and he is very old, but when we do he is very happy to see us.

56222450 448663312541400 8925972210468782080 n - The Swedish Dentist - Dividend: March – 2019
Pasta with chicken and tomatoe, tasty 🙂
56191365 1096475203886720 8106838916813815808 n - The Swedish Dentist - Dividend: March – 2019



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