The Swedish Dentist – Dividend: January – 2019

January 30, 2019 2 By swedendivin
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My monthly dividend updates will appear around every end of a month.
Dividends will be presented in Swedish currency (SEK).
There will be a short explanation about some buy and sells of stocks and sometimes a picture or two.
Here is my 2018 november chart for my montly recived dividends.


Utdelning201901 - The Swedish Dentist - Dividend: January – 2019

Dividends recived for 2019 January


I recived a total of 546.42 SEK kr for January month. Most contribution thanks to US and Swedish REIT companies.


KöpSälj20190101 - The Swedish Dentist - Dividend: January – 2019köpsälj2019010101 - The Swedish Dentist - Dividend: January – 2019KöpSälj201901 - The Swedish Dentist - Dividend: January – 2019


Here is the list of the shares I bought and sold during 2019 January. As you can see there was a lot of buy and sell operation this month. I bought Danske Bank a falling knife, because I thought it should not fall to much,, but realise short after that I dont have the nerv to continue this uncertain move and just watch it fall. I sold and took a small amout of money as a loss. Danske Bank could turn out a winner in the end. They have gathered a big amout of money for the future fine they will recive for lundry of money in Baltikum states. Another strong thing is that is only hava pay ratio of 50%. The other Nordic banks have a payratio of well over 80% some of the banks as high as 90% of revenue goes to dividedns. Danske Bank also have an attractive yield of over 8%. But the risk is high they will have to cut it beacause of the pently.

I needed to invest in some quality German stocks I found undervalued and position myself before the dividend payouts in april/may. This required money sold some of my GARO  shares beacause thay had risen sharply in a short time. To read more about the German stock market and their dividends payouts in april/may you can read this post I wrote. ( click me )

I managed to get over 500 SEK in dividends, one of my goals is to recive minimum 500 SEK for all month of the year 2019 ( click me for goals 2019 ). In this month I transferred about 6400 Swedish kronor for stock purchase. Last month 18555 SEK went for savings, paying of loans and stock purchase.


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I bought a nice carpet in IKEA at a discount price. Only 40 USD. What do you think of the colour?

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I was a snow storm In Sweden while i drove to IKEA. Luckly I didint get any ticket from the police for driving like that. And no speed tickets too 😉
50673278 321015935206349 5747104092488990720 n - The Swedish Dentist - Dividend: January – 2019



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