Dementia and teeths

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Dementia and teeths

Dementia, could it be stopped? A big research just got published in Stockholm, Sweden 2018.


But first what is dementia?
It is a word and a diagnosis that has a variety of symptoms, all of which are caused by brain damage.
The damage on diffrent parts of the brain decide the what will be affected. Mostly the memory and the ability to perform your everyday routine are worsened.
You can have difficult to speak. You could lose the time orient,  become more stressed  and worried.

Some time ago, people thought that when you grow older you would get dementia. Now we know more and we do know that dementia dont just come with age.
Yes its more usual in higher age, but there is no natural aging dementia caused by ageing. There are lot of factors for dementia.  Brain damage can be caused due to more than one hundred different diseases. Alzheimer disease stand for about 60% of all dementia cases in Sweden. It makes grey cells in the brain decrease and die. There is no cure for this disease.

How can you see if someone does hava a early stage dementia?
You can see the person losing their interest,
They can have bad feelings and dont want to spend time with their friends.
Some times people with dementia have it hard to remember things.
Some have difficulty deciding things.
Trouble managing stress and to perform everyday routine tasks.

It is important to grow strenght and seek help or talk with someone in the near family. There are no medicine that cures dementia only medicine to curb the symptoms. Some of these medicine work good and some dont have any effect.

Dementia and teeths

Dementia and teeths

And know to the intesting part of the post:

I have recently read an article that states: dental loss can be a potential risk factor for dementia. People who lose their teeth more or less do have a smaller brain volume that affects the cognitive ability. Cognitive abilities are brain-based skills we need to carry out any task from the simplest to the most complex. There is a connection with losing many teeth and a reduced brain volume.

A new Swedish study has come out recently that has shown links between loosing teeth and getting dementia. Swedish study group included healthy people who lives in central Stockholm aged around 60. The studie group of people researched, was approximately 3000 people. They where monitored for almost ten years.The participants where closely examined and asked about their dental status. A smaller group of about 500 people was also investigated with the magnet resonance camera.

The result of this study shows that partial or total dental loss caused a significant loss of cognitive ability. Much faster than those who had no dental loss at all. Among those who lost all their teeth were also reported a clear sign of less brain volume. On partial and complete toothlessness, the gray matter in brain was reduced.The researchers found a connection between losing teeth and getting dementia.

But that does not yet mean it’s supposed to be like that that in reality, the researchers mean that you have to do more studies. Especially with the magnetic resonance cameras before we can draw any clear conclusions. Another explanation that one of the researchers says that if loose teeths you are less likely to chew, which means you dont fuel your body with good nutrition. Bad nutrition clearly affects the brain, which causes less intake of vitamins.

My grandmother suffers from dementia. Its a tough for the close family and for her also.

Source: Swedish Studies about Dementia

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