Dementia and Periodontitis – new conclusions 2018

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Dementia and Periodontitis we now know even more!

A new Swedish studie about periodontitis and dementia are now presenting us new facts.
Swedish researchers can now show evidence of a highly probable and casual links between periodontitis and cognitive impairment a more known as dementia.

Older people with a long history of periodontitis have a more than doubled risk of developing dementia.
This facts is shown by a Swedish prospective cohort study where more than 1500 people aged 60+ between 2001 and 2003 underwent a medical, psychological and dental examination.
They studie also included taking OPG / panoramic x-rays where you can show if a person have periodontitis.

Six years later, similar surveys were carried out in a follow-up with the more than 700 people who were still alive and wanted to participate.

Dementia and parodontitis and teeths

Dementia and parodontitis and teeths

Total toothlessness

Hundreds of people had suffered a certain deterioration in their cognitive ability.
The deterioration was specific linked to multiple periodontal measurements, such as less than 20 teeth or total toothlessness.
People in the studie also had a long history of periodontitis shown on the regular panoramic x-rays which where taken on basis.

Other parameters that could also be associated with the cognitive impairment were age, education, loneliness, coronary heart disease or low BMI.
After adjusting for possible disorders, a long history of periodontitis, age, education and low BMI remained as big statistically-guaranteed risk factors.


The cause:

The relationship between periodontitis and worsen cognitive ability is not new, but most previous studies have not been able to exclude that worsen cognitive ability may have been the cause of bad dental status with poor diet and bad oral hygiene.
The current study is prospective and only included people with a well-functioning cognition, which makes the authors dare to suggest that there is a possible causal link between periodontal and impaired cognition.


Thank for reading. My grandmother suffers from Dementia and Iam always curious about new studies.
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