China will make Daimler stock break all records again!

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Daimler is a good stock to buy in 2019



Daimler is one of the world leading automobile manufacturers. Net sales breaks down by activity as follows: – sale of cars (86.4%): 3.3 million vehicles sold in 2017, consisting of individual vehicles and light duty vehicles

Mercedes-Benz global sales fell by 6.7 %  in January compared with the same month in 2018, but the car manufacturer thinks that despite this fact 2019 will be the ninth straight year of record high turnover. The good thing are the sales in China they are increasing all the time.

The weakest points for Daimler are Europe and the US, where sales were slightly more than 11% worst then prevoius year. In Germany, sales fell even more, close to 12% compared to last year.

Progress is better in Asia, where sales were 1.3 % worse, but the good think is China sales increased 4.8 %. All in all, the first month was certainly worse than last year, but still the second best January month in history, the newspaper Financial Times writes.

“2019 will be a challenging year for the entire industry. We hope to achieve a smaller increase in sales which means a new record for the full year,” says Mercedes Board Member Britta Seeger.

I have posisioned myself in Daimler for the long potential growth and for the dividend. The Daimler dividend is not payout regulary when you check the history of Daimler divdends. But I personally think more people in China are getting wealthier and they will eventually want to drive premium cars like Daimler or BWM. Imagine thousands of rich Chinese young guys who would like to drive premium German cars. Even if China will produce new good cars. Daimler have history and heritage something the new car producers lack.

I have calculated that I will recive around 36.5 Euro in dividend from Daimler this year. What you dividend payout?

Daimler Financials:


Daimler - China will make Daimler stock break all records again!

What do you think? Is it a good to invest in Daimler for the long run? Any other car brands that you think will be future car stock pick?

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