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2018 end year performance

2018 end year performance

2018 is going to always be special for me.
I hope all of my readers also had a good year. Years are like the stock market sometimes it’s all nice and stable and sometimes just  stressful and bad. But we all need those moments in our life to makes us feel alive and appreciate the good things.

2018 is the year when I started my blog. I have been in the stock market around 5 years. Before joining the FIRE blogs I read some books just to see if I would find a genuine interest in this subject. I am a person who like to know thing from the scratch and when I find something interesting I will continue to read and learn as much as I can and even If I had all the time in the world I know I would not become perfect. This is what triggers me to continue reading about economy and learning more its because its endless. My other passion is dentistry and when I have some time off I also like working out in the gym.


One of the biggest miracles in life is when you get your own children. This year in the other half of 2018 we got a little baby girl. So now we are a complete family. She is now around 2 month. This little thing has been taking a lot of attention. We are sleeping less but it’s worth it, she is wonderful when she smiles.

I was a little scared of how the cat would react. But he seems not to bother her and almost seems to avoid the baby.


Both a sleeping most of the day.

Both a sleeping most of the day.

One of the dangers with cats is that they can lay down on the baby and suffocate it. So still you need to keep an eye all the time.

This year we also moved to a bigger apartment and with bigger apartments there goes bigger rent. It is a little tougher with the bigger rent especially when only one is working ( me ) and the other is on parental leave.
( klick for dec economy ).

I am planning to work part time at least one more year. That’s because we need to help each other with the little baby.

This year I also sold my Mercedes CLS. The car have been my dream car since I was a little. I still miss it. Sometimes when I drive our Volvo I imagine it’s a CLS… quite sad, but it works.

One of my best moments with the car was when I was driving in the sunset on German Autobahn with average speed of 150-160 km/h just cruising with no goals ahead. And when the it became dark I just drove to the nearest Hotel.
I am still thinking of a new Mercedes maybe an E class amg, but this is right now just a dream. When I am older with more dividends maybe we could consider it more than just a dream.

When I sold the car. My savings increased. We now own only one car. Can u guess what car?
It’s the most popular car in Sweden, yes you guessed right it’s a Volvo.

What your favorite car?

This year we have also been for a bigger trip in Sri Lanka. We travelled for 3 weeks. I got sick from the food in Kandy but still it was worth it. Sri Lanka was a very nice place and the people we meet outside the Capital where also niec, but I dont think I will be returning there in the near future.
My favorite is still Thailand.

What your favorite travel place?

Blog – economy:
A new change is now that I’m showing you not only my salary but our ( me and my soulmate combined ). The bills and other spending will also be shown combined.

One of my main goals for 2019 will be to receive another higher level of dividends. Right now the dividends are set at 11 000 SEK / year. Next level is 15 000 SEK.

Here you can find my history of dividends: Received dividends→15 000 SEK/year→pending ( click here ).

My portfolio have a debt of around 10% in the beginning of 2018. Now I have managed to cut it to around 7%. I am thinking to completely lower it to 1-2 % at the end of 2019. And then starting to save “war money” if a bigger correction after 2019/2020 is underway. I have a feeling economy will still be strong in 2019/20120. Some minor corrections always happens around new year.


Debt is blue 7%

Debt is blue 7%

Overall I am happy of my performance of 2018. Iam +17%. You now wounder how that happend. Well I can tell you I am a dividend investor. But If I get a good feeling about a stock I do try to swingtrade. I usually make 2-3 swings per year. The stock I swing traded? Lets keept that a sercret for.. now. 

The upcoming year. I will need to rethink my stratagy about investing. Should I lower my debt, save money for upcoming correction or just regular buy stock and sit still in the boat? I will also go throug all my stock again. As you know I have a lot of stocks and I also have my criteria for picking them. Four of them have already been bought out from the stock market with good profit.

I have been reading some blogs and I do follow some regular. I will post them in my blogroll page in a near future.
Some of my Swedish and Norweagian Dividend hunters I follow are:

*Slimis investeringsblogg

I do also follow European Fire blogers. I site I recommend is the
Some of the blogers write in English and there are som quality content out there.

If you have some blog you recommend just give me a message on twitter or here.

My articles:
I like to write and think beyond the box. I want to see far away not just around me when I am writing.

I didn’t write a lot of post but when i write I try to make quality content. I want to write at least one post per week. Some of my prediction post I wrote I had been right when I look afterwards.
For example car stocks predictions. ( click me

When I write post about my monthly economy updates and dividends, I will try to put in some personal photo to make my readers to know me a little more about me.

2018 has undoubtedly been my best year ever and a special one to remember always. The summer in Sweden was the hottest for more than 200 year. One night we had temperatures in the water of around 28 Celsius!

I’m looking forward into 2019. Get me some Dividends already!

Stay tuned for more content, you can find me on Instagram and twitter.

Merry Christmas / happy holiday, everyone!


At my parents house

At my parents house

Thanks for reading.

Hope to write soon again
Yours Swedendivin

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