Best 5 tech stock for 2019 and their predictions

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I Swedendivin will at the end of the article pick my favorite FAANG stock for 2019.
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Faang estimates 2019


+Ad business
+Web and cloud services
+Amazon shops without cashier could become a hit (opening in London now!)
+Jeff Bezos is a genius and know what he is doing.

Walmart have free shipping services and building its own online base.
-If economy weakens profits will fall.
“Size is the enemy of performance” – Warren Buffett


Amazon 2019 estimates

Amazon 2019 estimates


+Still popular for youths and family.
+expanding with good content.

-If economy become weaker a lot of household could end on Netflix
-People are consuming movies at larger speed and getting used to bigger and bigger quantity of movies
meaning Netflix need to produce more and more and if they fail this could mean the start of a downfall for Netflix.

-People can survive without Netflix
-Disney launching own Netflix like platform in 2019


Netflix 2019 estimates

Netflix 2019 estimates



-Chinese mobile companies as just as good as western mobile companies.
-Chinese tariff could strike hard at Apple if Trump continue his policy of tariffs.
-Its not as trendy to own an Iphone as it was with earlier models.

stop disclosing iPhone and iPad shipments
+services which stand for 15% of revenue is a positive factor
+some people will always buy Iphone no matter what the price is.
+amazing product lines, Iphone is still more than just a phone.


Apple 2019 estimates

Apple 2019 estimates



+Facebook is not just Facebook its Whatsapp and Instagram
+Killed Snapchat buy lunching Insta stories.
+Have money to buy out startups even before they get famous.
+Ad revenue is increasing.
+Marketplace is getting popular and used by more then 900 million people

-Could people get tired of being connected all the time?
-More depression and illness from social media – bad PR.
-Cambridge analytica scandal. Could be more of them in future.
-Fake accounts still not taking care of. Political issue of many countries.


Facebook 2019 estimates

Facebook 2019 estimates



+We use Google search engine daily.
+Ad revenue.
+Youtube still unbeatable.
+Big database and good Al technologies. Google Home, Gmail..
+Alphabet is investing in many new start-ups
+Trading at 20 times forward earnings, shares are quite cheap.
+Waymo It was the first driverless car that was on a public road without a test driver or security escort. A big achievment. and are the top two most popular websites in the world
-More people searching in Amazon for product info.

-If Waymo fails that could impact Google negative (some suggest it could be a 100 million business if it succeed).
-still dont pay dividends


Google 2019 estimates

Google 2019 estimates


Here is my previous post about FAANG stocks: why FAANG dropped and many investors lost money.

My stockpick is Google, I belive in technology that will make it easier for people on this planet to connect and live.
I  also use google daily. When navigating, email, youtube..
I sold my Google share almost at the peak but now it start to get attractive again. If I manage to save some money Google is my first choice to buy.

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