Emergency dentist in Sweden 2019

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Emergency dentist in Sweden 2018

Emergency dentist

Emergency dentist

A little about Dentists in Sweden and what to do if you need to find one.

This will be my first post so i hope you dont judge me too hard my English will improve iam sure of it.
Iam intrested to how many of you go to the dentist regulary.
Its very important to go regulary on check-up if you want to maintain healthy oral hygien and strong teeth.
People who have dental fobia or maybe bad economic situation tend to go less regular.
In Sweden we have free dentalcare till around 22-24 years its depend on the county.
We have also very generous discount. If patient treatment cost over 3000 SEK within 1 years pays only 50% of the rest of the treatment which is left.
Patient with bad economy can have basic dental care and the cost is taking care by the goverment but this is checked separetly not all are granted this
All asylum seekers who are under 18 years have free dental care. For younger asylum seekers the dentalcare is free of charge.
Also as an adult you are grant around 150 – 300 SEK a year and you can save it for the next year if you want.

If you are on vacation in Sweden in summer mostly private dentist have closed. You should seek up Folktandvården its public dental service
and usully they have open even on weekends sometimes in summer.
In Sweden as a private dentist you can set your own prices but in public dentalcare its the politics who set prices often Folktandvården have cheaper prices compared to private.

If you have emergency situation on a weekend and need a dentist call 1177. You can speak to an operator and ask about emergency treatment.
Operator will tell you what clinic have emergency working dentist.
Because on weekends it can be very difficult to find a working dentist. Probably price can be over 150% more then on a workday.

Finally A good checklist if you are a turist in Sweden and need dental care:

1/ EU card
2/ a medicin list. If you take some medicine regulary written on a paper easy to read
3/ Tell the dentist if you have some allergies or diseases
4/ If you dont know English it can be handy to bring a translator.

Yours Swedendivin

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