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Preferensaktier – Swedish Preferred Stocks

Preferensaktier - Swedish Preferred Stocks. Topic of today is  preferred stocks/ preferrence stock Intro In Sweden we have a lot of ...
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Dementia and teeths

Dementia and teeths Dementia, could it be stopped? A big research just got published in Stockholm, Sweden 2018. But first ...
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Autoliv – Swedendivin stockpick

Autoliv Autoliv is a Swedish company that researches and produces airbags, seatbelts, steering wheels and other safety components needed in ...
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Sweden election 2018

Sweden election 2018 - my thoughts about it. I'm going to tell you why I was late for work today, ...
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European car stocks

European Car Stocks Iam going to share my thoughs about the European Car Stocks and where they might be heading ...
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Montly expenses in Sweden

I am planing to montly uptdate my expenses here on my page. The updates will appear in the end of ...
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